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Facebook overthrows Yahoo & Become the 3rd Largest Website Worldwide

According to comScore Facebook become the third largest trafficked website in the world in the year 2010 after Google & Microsoft, at the time it overthrows Yahoo which was the 3rd largest website in 2009.

Google placed #1 with 970 million unique visitors, Microsoft placed #2 with unique visitors of 869 million & Facebook earned #3 with 648 million & higher than Yahoo with 18 million which makes Yahoo #4 with 630 million.

Facebook become #1 most visited website only in the US in year 2010 & “Facebook” term is the most searches in 2010, while Facebook is the 2nd largest video site in the U.S & 2nd largest source of traffic after Google of video sites on the web.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo - Largest Websites Worldwide

Facebook is the Third Largest Website Worldwide

Yahoo CEO sees Facebook as her biggest competitor, not Google, after Facebook overthrows Yahoo & become the 3rd largest Website across the Globe.

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