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How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

twitter for business

How to build a Twitter strategy for your business

By Mohammad Jubran
Twitter is an extremely important platform for your business, but it is a huge mistake to try to promote your business on Twitter without first thinking through what your strategy will be. You have undoubtedly heard many times that you should listen and engage with your customers, but you probably want a strategy that is a bit more concrete. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to launch a successful Twitter campaign.

1. Find an Audience

Although there are millions of people who use Twitter every day, it is impossible to interact with them all. Instead, you need to be a bit more selective. But who should you choose to interact with? If you already have a few customers, then it may be a good idea to try to locate them on Twitter. See who they are already following and talking to. These people are probably good prospects for your business. Find out who has influence within their social group, and begin entering the conversation.

2. Learn the Language

If you are going to successfully reach out to your customers on Twitter, then it is important that they can relate to you. Listen in to their conversations. Figure out whether they talk formally or informally. Understand how to use hashtags. There is an entire language associated with Twitter, and you need to learn it.

3. How Much is a Lead Worth?

The entire reason that you are on Twitter is to improve the bottom line of your business, so you should treat your Twitter presence just as you would any other aspect of your business. Make sure you track your results so that you know exactly how much a follower is worth to your business. How often do they convert into a paying customer? This will let you know how effective your Twitter campaign is.

No matter how you approach Twitter, it is important to be flexible. You never know what will work and what won’t work. As long as you track your results, you can always tweak your strategy. As time goes on, you will grow more confident in your ability to utilize Twitter as an effective platform for growing your business.

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