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Creating Effective Facebook Pages, Tips & Features

Vin Diesel Facebook Page

I have spoken earlier about Facebook Pages Tips & Features. Here I am talking about the importance of using best practices in creating an effective branded page on Facebook, as there are tips you need to understand to maximize the benefits of creating your brand page as engaging with your fans & integrate your page with multiple applications & social plugins.

Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Pages

  • Name Your Page With Your Brand Name

Consider your page name to be as your brand name for ease access & search by your fans & non-followers to find you through internal Facebook Search.

  • Custom Your Facebook Page URL With Your Brand Name

You can custom Facebook page URL to double the chances for your page to be found easily & can direct your fans with easy & remarkable name (URL).

Customized page URL can help you getting ranked & found in most of search engines, like if you Google “Vin Diesel” you will find the third result is for Vin Diesel | Facebook that will direct you to his page. As an example of search on personal profiles & customizing the URL, Google “Hatem Jarad” you will find the result Hatem Jarad | Facebook that will direct to a personal profile.

In internal Facebook search the name comes first in order of results then the number of fans, so if there are duplicate names as your page name, make your best to increase fans to come first in search.

  • Fill All The Information About Your Brand

Fill in all the boxes & fields in the page describing your page, such information will be helpful for your fans to understand better your page. Try to be correct as possible to let search engines index your page’s information & be found in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

  • Don’t Make Your Page Default Tab The “Wall”

When you direct non-fans to your page, make the default tab “Info” tab or any other engaging tab, like creating a tab called “Welcome” which welcomes your new fans to the page & gives a brief about the page or add “Offers” tab or detailed information, like Opera Winfrey default landing tab is “This week on Oprah”.

The reason for that is you can get more likes & fans through your engaging tabs which motivate the user to click like as well have a better idea about your page if the landing tab is the info or any engaging tabs, which are controlled by you & you can direct & show non-fans what you want, not like the wall where there are many comments & posts unfiltered by users which might sometimes gives a bad impression to non-followers of your page.

  • Integrate Applications & Social Plugins Into Your Page

It’s easy to install applications & social plugins to your page through tabs, which can integrate other accounts of your brand into your page, like YouTube channel or Twitter account, e.g. Mazzek Arabic Facebook Page; this page is for a musical website they integrated their YouTube Channel into their Page to keep the fans updated & even watch their videos on the page without leaving it.

I found Involver is a good example where you can install engaging Facebook applications  to download into your Page.

    • Always keep your page content fresh
    • Post teased questions & posts
    • Post events to get your fans RSVP
    • Add links to videos or photos & Tag your fans
    • Always reply to your fans quires & engage with their comments; that would leave a good manner in them to come back to you & ask you or engage with more as well invite their friends to your page.
  • Keep your Page Updated & Be In A Direct Touch With Your Fans

Download Facebook Pages Manual to get some instructions about creating your Page.

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