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If you have kindly read a handful of our blog posts to date (thank you if you have!), you might be coming to the conclusion that our SEO techniques centre around not only creating good links to your main website, but also finding ways to boost the power of those very links too. If you also happened to read the post on ‘Creating Ongoing Links Indefinitely‘, you might well know that the various well known social media platforms (ie Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) are some of the most powerful links we can create to your website.

As we have total control over your social media profiles, these pages are perfect places to create links not only to your main website, but also to every blog post, article, video, podcast and any other pieces of content you publish online.  In this post, we’ll look at how we do that efficiently across a number of accounts and also how to boost the power of your social media profile pages.

The essence of social media is to give the world quick insights into who you are and what you’re doing right now in your life. The problem with social media of course is that there are not too many things that happen in everyday life that the rest of the world is really interested in, if we’re going to use social media to promote your business/website, we have to plan when and what we are going to say – a hot topic in its own right! For today, we will focus on the idea that if we are constantly creating new content to promote your online business then social media profiles are a wonderful place to tell the world all about it.

Firstly, telling the world about your latest article, blog post, video etc via as many social media profiles as we can means we have a good chance of directing relevant traffic to that new content. Secondly, from a purely SEO perspective, that new content is far more likely to be crawled quickly now we’ve placed a few links to it from webpages that search engines love. Last but not least, a link to your new content from a social media profile page is a good link, if we also strive to build the power of your social media profile pages, then that link just gets stronger as we build.

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