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Latest Social Media Tips for Business – 2011

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2011 Social Media Tips

By Mohammad Jubran

The promise of a new year brings anticipation for social media marketers. The field of social media is expanding rapidly, and it is crucial for social marketers stay abreast of upcoming trends in 2011. Here are three of the latest social media tips for business:

Mobile Is the Top Trend

Most social media experts peg mobile as the most important social media trend today. Social marketers are building mobile apps at a breakneck pace to keep up with competitors in the field and there are hundreds of new styles of ad units designed just for mobile devices. Businesses that do not consider social media within the burgeoning mobile market will lag behind those that do.

Leverage All Employees for Real Social Impact

Consumers like to feel that they have a relationship with the companies they patronize, and social media provides the perfect platform for personal interaction. An innovative development in social media for business has all employees blogging from their own points of view and interacting with customers as ambassadors for the company.

Businesses interested in leveraging social media as a marketing tool are allowing, and even encouraging, every employee to participate in branded social media activities. And not just the marketing team; this trend extends from the CEO all the way down to the lowliest shipping clerk. It can benefit SEO with more backlinks and keyword-rich content, and it is also helpful for CRM.

Admit That You’re Human

Another way to foster consumer confidence and intimacy is to show the human side of your company in social media. Everyone knows good social marketing is a two-way street. The content of business blogs should never be exclusively about business matters.

A futuristic trend for 2011 takes social media marketing to a new level with bloggers writing about activities far outside the office setting. Companies can find opportunities to blog about certain employees or customers who are involved in sporting contests, artistic pursuits, or altruistic activities, for example. Consumers may become enamored of the brand’s projected lifestyle, especially when the activity is well-related to the product being marketed.

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