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Social Media Fail

facebook fail - social media fial

social media fail

Another Social Media Fail for Sony

social media fail

by: Mohammad Jubran

Social media can be a company’s best friend or worst enemy. One moment the public is tweeting up a storm and in the time it takes to snap one’s fingers, a stalker infiltrates a CEO’s Facebook page. Sony’s use of social media can be described as inconsistent at best, resulting in a massive fail.

Those who keep tabs on a gaming or technology blog have caught wind of the Sony versus George Hultz, or Geohot, lawsuit. Sony is in hot legal pursuit of shooting down Geohot’s PS3 public release of Jailbreak. Although the actual idea of suing Geohot for creating and releasing Jailbreak seems ludicrous, Sony’s presence in social media venues makes the company appear irrational at best.

Perhaps Kevin Butler, or Jerry Lambert, is responsible for one of Sony’s biggest mistakes. This marketing character retweeted the code necessary for Jailbreaking a PS3. In response, Butler includes the original reply that contains the Jailbreak code. Even though this blunder was laughed off by most, it only goes to show just how scatterbrained Sony is in their social media endeavors.

To further exacerbate this PR nightmare, Sony requested that YouTube provide Sony with all personal information pertaining to not only Geohot but also any person who watched or made a comment regarding the PS3 Jailbreaking video. Included in the information requested, Sony wanted to know how many people clicked the link to the video as well as their usernames. The IP addresses and usernames of those who posted a comment were also sought.

In regards to social media strategies, consistency is key. And Sony has been nothing but inconsistent. Compounding this fact with their lawsuit over an issue Apple does not even find worthy enough to legally pursue, Sony comes off as looking downright foolish.

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