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Social Media Trends For 2012

Social Media 2012

Last year i wrote an article about social media word in 2011. Since then new trends show up for social media impact on businesses, so let’s go over these new trends.

Social media is the fastest evolving technology sector of the new millennium with websites, networks and advertising models popping up and disappearing faster than any other digital media fields.

The first trend to watch for is Social Media – TV integration. Television networks are aware that their audience is spending more time on social networks and less watching commercials, so they are striving to keep their viewers engaged for more minutes a day. Channels like Fox and CNN are rolling out new tie ins to Twitter and Facebook to help keep their viewers both involved in whats on the screen and returning to their websites often. Producers expect their viewers to have two screens up at once now, the TV and the tablet or laptop in most cases, and they will look to win the viewer’s attention on both screens at once.Games will be huge in 2012. Not just arcade style cartoon games but more subtle versions of games like fitbit, which tracks a user’s exercise data and posts it to the web, allowing comparison with friends. Zynga has been very successful and this will rocket games to the forefront in 2012. Companies recognize that the time/reward dichotomy has been effective in trapping users attention and they will use this in a variety of applications.

Content curated by friends and social circles will beat out search engines in 2012. The search giant Google aspires to beat its own search service by putting results from the social network Google+ above its own search results, the idea being that content chosen by friends will be more relevant and personalized for the searcher.

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