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SEO Trends and Tips for 2011

SEO Trends and Tips 2011

by Mohammad Jubran

The dawn of a new year brings with it the time for change and new opportunities. Staying up-to-date and relevant in the fast paced virtual world of SEO requires a serious look at continuously developing circumstances. A business can stay ahead of the curve by looking at the developing trends and riding them forward. Not being able to adapt will ensure that your competitors are getting the business you should be receiving.

The Rise of Mobile Search Technology

The presence of smart phones and digital personal assistants is common among even the less tech savvy users. Mobile browsing is an effective way for the consumer to find what they need while they are on the go. Due to the mass appeal, we can expect that Google will begin to put more weight behind websites that are optimized for mobile searching. Remember, the business of search engines is to provide the most relevant results to their consumers.

Context Oriented Links With More Weight

It is a relatively well-known fact that one-way links that are relevant to your content will provide a better benefit than links that are not relevant. As more websites go up, more SEO companies are helping build campaigns that speak to a wide network of people to get results. This can result in a large amount of low value one-way links being built to respective content. Once again, we must consider the primary purpose of a search engine. They want to provide the most relevant information to the person searching. To further that goal, we will likely see greater importance placed on one-way links that are in context with the target. It is even suggested that Google may even penalize for an abnormally large amount of low quality links. Reinforcing the mantra of quality over quantity will help search engines meet their primary goals.

Professionals and experts have their eyes on the future of SEO trends. Some are seeing a resurgence of Yahoo/Bing with some sound strategies, others are speaking more of social networking being made more important. Of course, these things are all possibilities. The most reliable way to dissect all of this information is to break it down to the core components. With the understanding of what search engines and business owners want to accomplish and recent trends, we can give a reasonable prediction of what the coming year will bring.

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