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The Skills & Experience Needed to Excel in SEO

When referring to SEO, marketers often consider it to be the “technical” part of their online marketing strategy, as all SEO techniques require some technical knowledge, or at least a familiarity with basic HTML. In addition to technical knowledge, a good SEO strategist will need to be handy with words and text, so it helps to have experience in copywriting. Search engines are becoming so intelligent that they can differentiate between a well-written relevant piece of text and a block of text that has been written hastily in an attempt to quickly add content to a website. This is why good copywriting experience, typically associated with blogging, is fast becoming a highly sought after skill for any SEO strategist.

Optimising a website so it achieves high ranking organic results is really only a small part of what a good SEO strategist should be doing for a business. Having a high ranking means nothing to the business if customers are being turned away from the website as soon as they arrive as a result of poor web design. While it can be argued that it’s the Web Designer’s responsibility to ensure the website functions properly and looks great, it’s also up the SEO strategist to advise the Web Designer on ways that the two can work together to achieve a better overall web design.

For example, if the SEO strategist determines that the website needs a larger space for text on the home page, the Web Designer will need to redesign the website to accommodate, instead of simply trying to squeeze the text in. A good SEO strategist will therefore always have a basic understanding of what constitutes good web design.

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