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How to Increase your Podcast and Apps Ranking on iTunes

by Jubran Moe

Last week i wrote an article about the importance of ranking high on iTunes. This week I’ll provide some tips on how to increase your apps and podcast ranking on iTunes.

How to increase your iTunes Rankings

Few people realize that iTunes rankings have nothing to do with the number of inbound links. This is very different than most other major search engines, such as Amazon or Yahoo. The following are five steps on how to increase the rankings of your podcasts and apps.

1. Ask your Users!
Most of your users won’t rank your apps or your podcasts because they don’t think of it. Ask them to rank your podcasts and apps five stars, and you will be surprised at how many users will actually do it.

2. Social Interaction
Use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to post updates about your podcasts and apps, or just to remind people to go check them out. Also, if someone makes a post on their Facebook stream using your app, all of their friends will be able to see it.

3. Make Apps Live
If you give users the option to communicate while still in the app by being able to message one another, it will increase the length of time that app is used enormously, in turn increasing the ranking of your app.

4. Share!
Allow users to share your podcasts through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Ask users to rate your podcasts and apps on these sites in order to entice others to download them. Allow a user the option to add friends on your app. This makes it easier for users to spread the use of your app around, and easier for non-users to receive the app.

5. Pay Per Download
You can pay users ten cents a download to download your podcasts and/or apps. If your app or podcast is downloaded at a high rate in the very first week that it is live, it will achieve higher rankings. You can do this by going to

Following these steps will help increase the rankings and downloads of your podcasts and apps.


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