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New Google Algorithm Changes

Google Pigeon Update

A new change has been made to Google Algorithm. The change is nicknamed ‘Google Pigeon” and was rolled out on July 24th. This change is one that is impacting businesses on a grand scale all across the world.
‘Google Pigeon’, the new Google Algorithm, is a change that focuses on local searches. This will greatly affect local businesses. The search will rank terms geographically for importance in the results. This new update shows a greater importance to assessing a location. This allows the one searching to look within a geographical location and have it ranked in such a manner.
With this new update, the well-known “7-pack” listings that used to appear for local searches have been taken away. This removal of the “7-pack” has had a huge impact on local businesses. Google is now using the location of the person searching to tailor the search results, instead of the previous method of the “7-pack”.
One method businesses can use to get ready for this change is to use certain strategies to work with the new algorithm. The content about the business needs to have correct notations, reviews and user-generated content. This is especially important if a business has more than one physical location.
It is a priority for businesses to make sure that their information, physical address, name, URL, and phone numbers, are identical on all possible search results. Related industries that a business’s information will pop up in such as Yellow Pages, WOMO, Menulog, UrbanSpoon, and True Local, must have the same information as the main business page.
It is very important for businesses to stay up on standard SEO strategies, in order to work with this new update. The update can work in a business’s favor if the correct information is out there and used correctly.

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