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Facebook’s New Capabilities For Advertisers

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by: Tyler Willis  //  involver

The last 30 days have included two substantial updates to Facebook’s capabilities for advertisers, the release of a new ad unit called Sponsored Stories and the addition of specified landing tabs.

Hundreds of Millions of people take actions, such as liking a page or checking in at a place, with brands on Facebook. Sponsored Stories is a new ad unit from Facebook that lets advertisers turn those actions into ads that are targeted at that person’s friends.
The launch of this ad unit has been very controversial, but is very important for Facebook Advertisers — we wrote a 1700+ word review on the blog that has everything you could care to know.

Secondly, as Inside Facebook recently reported, advertisers on Facebook now have the ability to set custom landing tabs for their Facebook ad campaigns. This means that companies investing in creating effective application experiences quickly and at scale are going to empower a whole new wave of targeted advertising and conversion.

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