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Mircosites Marketing Strategy Effectiveness

Microsite Example for an Audi Car

The New Generation of Microsites

When we hear the term “microsite”, some might think of the old-fashioned websites where agencies used to produce entire presentations in Flash. Such websites were visually spectacular but had absolutely no SEO value because the focus was oriented towards the design itself, not the functionality and effectiveness of the site. Nowadays, that type of microsites is beginning to extinct, clearing the way for a new generation of microsites that uses new techniques and creates bigger opportunities for agile marketing and conversion optimization.

How to Make Microsites more Effective

There are two ways to enhance microsites visitors’ experience and make microsites more effective.
The first and most important way is using the principles of conversion content marketing. Mainly, visitors are looking for good and deep content, not fluff and teasers. For this reason, if visitors like the content, they will move on and take the next step.
But we should keep in mind that there could be a contradiction here. It’s true that visitors want deep content and rich information, but they also want immediate gratification, that is, they aren’t interested in digging through piles of raw material to find what’s important to them. An organized set of subtopics that shows the visitor rapidly what’s important and relevant to him/her is much better than a long post or a page comprising lots of content. Indeed, dividing one topic into many subtopics delivers deeper and more oriented content, and makes it much easier for visitors to understand the content.
The second way to enhance the effectiveness of microsites is through audience segmentation. In other words, it is about personalizing the users’ experience through providing them with the chance to self-select the content that’s relevant to them. Through multi-step landing pages (known also as “conversion paths”), you give the user a few options on the landing page, followed by a targeted presentation, thus enabling them to choose the content that’s more interesting to them, and resulting in much higher conversion rates.

Old Microsites vs. New Microsites

Unlike the old generation of microsites that needed a lot of money and time, the new generation is much cheaper, faster and easier to build. Since they consist of pure HTML, they require just a little more work to build than independent landing pages. They can even be constructed around a group of reusable templates which lets you leverage the design assets of one concept of a microsite into a group of campaigns.
Such microsites don’t exist inside the formal framework of the main website, and thus can be deployed rapidly to support the practices of agile marketing. Consequently, the new generation of microsites provides conversion optimization professionals with a completely new class of tactics to employ.

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