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Link building: Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing strategy

is one of the best ways to promote & advertise your business or service or anything through the internet. It is a way to expose your service to internet users & gain visitors and so traffic back to your website. As link building is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your website’s ranking and get yourself in the top Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs) and while you increase backlinks that refer to your website; article marketing strategy plays a big role in that.

You start writing articles and publish them online in various websites such as your website. There are guidelines when you want to publish your articles as well writing an article has a structure you need to build to assure you include what the search engine will index & it promotes you as the same time – will provide you some cases & examples later on.

There are websites called: articles directories – we will discusses how it is related with link building – that you publish your articles through submitting them in those directories with following certain guidelines.

Article marketing content

has to be unique each time you write a new article. Writers use their imagination to create a new content, a new message and a new teasing content to readers that keeps them attracted to your articles & keep your site fresh and so keeps search engines index your site frequently in case publishing articles on your site. When you do publish on articles directories you need to assure that your articles are not duplicated with your site’s articles because search engines’ goal to have fresh, unique & updated content to bring to its users, in case content are duplicate or there are similarity more than 30%, engines will consider this as spamming and so might block or degrade your site’s ranking.

SEO Copywriters

usually who do article marketing for you as they are experienced & can create content that takes care of all SEO guidelines in writing articles & articles directories guidelines of submitting articles. Make sure you ask good SEO copywriters who will do you the job.

Article Marketing - SEO copywriters will do you the job

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