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Do you Trust Google Keyword Tool?

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By Mohammad Jubran

How accurate the Google Keyword tools is?

Many website owners who want to optimize their website ask whether local keyword tool works to find accurate keywords. We’d ever keyword tool you use it is important that it contained accurate data. It’s doing keyword research using the global keyword tool it is important that the traffic predictions given be correct data.

Customers are not conducting keyword research simply because they want to, but because the ultimate goal is to bring traffic to a site and convert traffic to buyers. Search data given by the Google keyword tool should be accurate or you will end up with unrealistic sales objectives.

To make the Google keyword tool more accurate you need to know what data you are comparing. Determine whether you want to focus on global or worldwide data for local search results. Google clearly distinguishes which are the global monthly searches. this Global monthly data is gotten by estimated 12 month average. Other tools like the Google webmaster tools offered the exact volume of search queries for specific keyword where the website is ranking, but it only applies to the current month.

In essence, the Google keyword tool can only comparison the global monthly search volume based on the average taken for 12 month. The data will also depend on the match type you’re looking at on the tool. These keyword masses can be listed under broad, exact or phrase matches. Expert SEO professionals use the “exact” match type as this seems to be the most accurate. However, there are no exact studies that determine which of the categories works best when analyzing keywords.

You can however test the Google keyword accuracy. To do this you will need a test website with accesible Google Webmaster tools and several ranking keywords. Use keywords that rank on a first page of Google. Find the global monthly search volume for the keywords using the global keyword tool. Gather the data for each match type whether it be “exact,” “broad,” or phrase. Set countries to “All countries” and export the data to an Excel file when it completes. Compare the global search data to the Webmaster tools data. Compute the percent error between the data from Google webmaster tools and that of the Google keyword tool. The formula looks something like: percentage error = [(estimated data – actual data)/actual data] with the actual data being that of Google webmaster tools and the estimated data being from the Google keyword tool. You may notice that there is a high percentage error in accuracy measurements, with the “exact match” option having the lowest percent error, but still the way above 100 percent. This error is caused by seasonal keyword search volumes, and the inability to compare exact same time frames for both tools.

Because there is such a high percentage error, you should not rely solely on the Google keyword tool to predict sales.You should instead use a combination of the Google keyword tool and the Google Webmasters tools to get more accurate estimates of traffic possibilities.

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