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iTunes Search Engine, You are Missing 375 Million Active Searchers

iTunes search engine

by Jubran Moe

Even if you’re an SEO expert, your sites rank high in Google, you run a podcast and a video series from the web and you blog regularly, chances are there’s still a market you’ve left untapped. That market is iTunes. iTunes currently has 375 million active searchers, all of whom are ready and willing to spend time and money.

No matter what your business, you can benefit from being found on iTunes. iTunes search results have been cracked, and we know all the methods to hitting the top. For instance, the star ranking matters. What also matters is how often an item is used. Apps and songs rank highly because they’re used more than once. They’re played and replayed over and over. Same with podcasts that are held open for long periods of time.

iTunes is also a fair market. The content that rises to the top is good content. It’s hard to artificially game the search results. This is important to know, and it keeps you honest. You need good content to rise to the top in iTunes search results.

To help get your content to the top, follow a few simple tips. Always ask for people to rank you with five stars. Don’t just assume your fans will automatically, as many people are too lazy to go back and click the button. Include social networking through Facebook and Twitter in your apps, podcasts, and any other content you can. Do the reverse as well and ask people on Facebook to check out your podcasts.

If you have an app, and you can include some form of social communication, do so. People will use the app just for the chat, and increase the time spent using the app. You should also make sharing your app on social networks as easy as clicking a button. Any social ties are good ties.

If you’re not engaged in the iTunes market you’re losing out on an incredibly huge number of people. Just imagine if you could convert even a fraction of those people into paying customers. There’s no reason to ignore iTunes.

in my next article, i’ll provide some tips on how to optimize your Apps to rank high on iTunes search result pages.

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