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Google’s ibook

Google's ibook

by Mohammad Jubran

Google’s iBook Begins Rocking The Boat

It seems that nearly every technologically-inclined company is getting into the eReader market. From Apple to Barnes & Nobles, this past holiday season allowed the electronic reader market to dig its heels into the dirt for some staying power. Google is no exception to this rule either. Google has moved from a passive spectator to a full blown contender with Google Books, Google eBookstore, and finally to their own eReader dubbed the ‘Editions’.

Google started testing the waters with their Google Books, an immense project that is still being worked on today. This was an attempt to digitize as many books as possible for use on the internet. This massive undertaking may have been the start of the digitalized book game, but Amazon and Apple took it a step farther with their portable eReaders.

Google’s initial segway into this market is their comprehensive eBookstore. Instead of directly producing their own portable reader, they sought to take advantage of their huge literary resources. Usable for iPads, iPhones, Android phones, Kindles, and even the Nook, Google began offering over 3 million digital books for sale. With the ability to read practically anywhere and seamless compatibility for all portable readers, the eBookstore’s sales took off.

This was not enough for Google which has recently announced its own reader, currently known as the ‘Editions’. Google’s ibook was only just showcased in December 2010, but is already started to cause quite a commotion. Google claims that their ereader platform will be the most accessible and affordable of any companies. Their ebooks can be saved to computers, smartphones, and even the Edition with unlimited online storage space. These sweeping changes are sure to keep the creators of the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad scrambling to keep up with this continually evolving market.

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