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Google Local Business Listing

One of the best ways to get your business noticed on the internet is through Google’s local search, You will reach millions of people. It is simple to sign up.

When people search for something in their area they usually put in what they are looking for and where they are looking for it (Levittown hamburgers). When your company is on Google local search your listing will come up with a few others in the area that sell the same thing. This is much more specific than a general search and your site will get much more traffic. A handy little map even comes up that shows where your place of business (and the others) are located. There is also a spot for people to write reviews about your business so others can check out how good your hamburgers are for example.

It’s been proven that most internet users look at a Google results page in a sortof triangular pattern. The first three listings usually get looked at . In Local Search, users are more apt to look at the whole list of listings because it is short and concise. What the best part is for you is that you don’t pay per click, you just pay the flat fee every month no matter how many hits you get.

Using this system, you will provide your location, address, phone number and any other relevant information to potential customers. You will also reach more qualified customers because they are search for your type of business in your area.

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