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Google Link Building Guide

Google Link Building Guide

By Sam

In this article, we will look at search engine optimization tricks and tips that can either make or break your business. If used wisely, these techniques will return great results. However, if used in a cheap or easy manner, these practices can be very damaging. The possible penalties include losing rankings and getting banned from Google and other search engines. While reading this article, keep in mind that there are SEO companies out there that use bad schemes and only benefit from you by collecting your money.

Ethical SEO: High Quality Paid Links and Building Link the Organic Way

A great way to build inbound links is by creating relevant, original content. You can gain links by sounding like an authority in certain fields. This can be done by creating text that entertains and contain informative details and resources. In addition, make sure to use inbound links because they provide votes from other websites.

Another way to create inbound links is by publishing excellent, search engine friendly articles or press releases. Scraper sites can identify many of these links, and other links may show up on news websites, blogs and social media networks.

One more tip involves making an external blog and using it to add links that point back to your website. This tip is very helpful, especially if your blog contains useful information and is popular.

Lastly, consider companies that offer links for advertising purposes or for gaining Web traffic. These companies specialize in this kind of SEO service and shouldn’t be confused with companies that build links for manipulative purposes.

Services and Link Building Methods That are Best Avoided

Constant contact with the SEO services provider is very important. As much as possible, stay away from companies that don’t have direct phone numbers and other contact details. Transparent SEO firms are those that return and answer their clients’ calls. Another thing to note is that if the company is located in another country or continent, you may make a lot of overseas calls.

Of course, it’s important to check the company’s website. A website is great for doing a background check. If the company website isn’t updated and only contains an online contact form, consider moving on to another SEO services provider.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines contain invaluable tips that can truly help with building links. While Google’s guidelines are worth the read, the tips suggested above addresses issues that you have yet to encounter.

Link building methods that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can significantly hurt a website’s search engine ranking. Remember this guide to stay on the safe side.

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