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Get Free Google+ (Plus) Invitations

Google+ Free Invitations

By Hatem Jarad Hatem Jarad @Google+

Lately I have received my Google+ invitation from a friend & I found it simple, neat & an amazing social network which I started spending 20% of my daily socialization on it, Facebook 70%, Twitter 5% & Linkedin 5%.

Google project made a big buzz in the tech & media worlds lately. If you haven’t seen it yet, just remember the day last week Google bar in the top of turned into black, that was something big, it was Google+.

I searched over the internet for Google+ invitation, kept asking my friends to send me one once they have received it, finally I have it. Even I found people are selling Google Plus invitations over the internet like in ebay.

It is not available for all at the moment but soon it will be open for everybody.


How to get Google Plus:

Either go to & check if you have the option to join, if not drop your email to Google so they will inform you once it is opened for everybody or someone has to send you an email to join his/her circle.


I offer Free Google+ Invitations:

First: Tweet this post adding “@hatemjarad #GooglePlusInvitation”

Second: Drop us an email here with your email address

Or Third: Send me a message via Facebook, “” in case you don’t want to share your email. Feel free to say hi  (:

When I say Free Google+ Invitations I mean don’t be fooled by buying the invitations or someone asks for money to send you the invitation.


I have limited invitations to send per day though I have a couple of accounts, so hurry up, first come first served, but hopefully everyone will receive an invitation.


Feel free to reach me for any assistance via:

Hatem Jarad @Facebook Hatem Jarad@Twitter Hatem Jarad @LinkedIn

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