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New Google Service Rules – SEO has changed…!

Lately, Google revealed ‘Google Instant’, which is the newest interactive search on steroids. It was called by Jonathan Allen of Search Engine Watch (SEW) website as “the biggest change in the user interface (UI) of search engine results pages since search engines were invented and one of the most sophisticated engineering projects for Google since Caffeine.” Here you know more about it; what it does, and what does it do to make you rethink your common approach to SEO.

Before a day or two from releasing date of Google Instant, Google promoted for it by presenting an odd Google Doodle – a Google logo designed entirely of balls that interacted and moved at the time your cursor hovered over them, and became inactive if you stopped moving your mouse. Google clarification and explanation for that particular and mysterious logo was that it symbolized the way search process should be: fun, fast, and interactive. This is the whole meaning of Google Instant and how search supposed to be.

Google has been building toward Google Instant service for a long time. This service achieved universal search results by improved spelling corrections, Google Suggest, and more.

Now, this new service (Google Instant) is not available for worldwide users yet, it is only available to users in the US, and to signed-in users in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and the U.K. and in order to use this service you must also get the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, IE 8 or Safari and to search from Google main search page (not toolbars). And moreover, if you meet all requirements, you might not get to use Google Instant just yet; lately “Google Instant not working” has became popular search on Google, some people I know couldn’t make it work properly way so far.

Now, I would like to explain how Google Instant service works. You just go to Google page and start typing any word. The time you start doing that, and before finishing your phrase, Google starts showing results to predict what you are searching for. Results shown are very active; predictions phrases change with every letter you type in.

Not only that, but under the search results appeared, you get a little drop list that shows suggested search terms and phrases. As an example, when I type the word “apple” I have a drop-down list include, “apple pie,” “apple laptop” apple store” and some ads related to “apple” on the right side of the page, it is all dynamic – ads and phrases, changing with what I type.

Current services such as “Google Squared,” “Universal Search,” is still in use, so results are still very efficient, also, the “Something Different” on the left of search page includes “mandrel,” “spool,” plunger,” and bushing,” all the way down still present me to a list of search related phrases to my search keyword.

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