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Facebook Pages Tips and Features

Ashtun Kutcher Facebook Page

Facebook Pages

are a free product for organizations & public figures to build their presence online & to connect with people & audience on Facebook, share stories & updates in real time conversations.

Facebook Pages are considered as profiles for brands; Facebook pages were created to replace the use of personal profiles for companies & use more professional page to interact with users & engage with them by keeping them updated with the company services & news.

Pages have access to users’ feeds; as any page can update a status, attach a link or any activity from the turnkey publisher tool which they will appear to users’ feeds like their friends activities appear to them. Pages are considered as Twitter for Facebook by many in the press as any activity you do in your page it will appear to your fans on their news feeds.

Facebook has been increasingly developing pages experience as it could now integrate with multiple applications. Check Ashton Kutcher fan page & how he interacts with his fans in his “Ashton Live” tab.

Tips to use Facebook features and applications on your Brand Page and your Website

Facebook on your Site:

  • “Facebook Connect”  is a smooth plugin you add it on your site to let users to connect with their Facebook IDs & start engaging on your site; it’s a seamless app allow users to easily share &distribute their activities on your site & see their mutual friends who is active on your site.
  • “Facebook Share” is a fantastic plugin as you can add a button or a box to your site to easily allow users share your content on with their friends.
  • Facebook has many useful “Social Plugins” to install on your website.

Facebook on your Brand Page:

  • Keep your users updated with new content.
  • Write Notes & share them with your fans & Discussion Boards to enable fans to get their ideas out & let you know exactly what your customers think & want from you.
  • Post Videos, Photos & Status for your events
  • You can set up events & have your fans RSVP
  • If you have a blog you can import it on your page.

There are many online websites helps you to install applications or social plugins on your site or your page’s tabs to increase fans engagement with you.

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