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New Facebook Timeline Features


by Jubran Moe

New Features are available with the new Facebook Timeline for individual and business pages. Testing for some of the features is still ongoing, but you can learn new options that will be available.

Page Switching

Switching between global and local pages is a new feature for the new Facebook Timeline. Look under the cover photo for a new option that is called Switch Region. If you do not see this on your page, go over to the Facebook Marketing Page. You will see that a global page and local page have the same number for Fans or Likes. The number that will vary from page to page is People Talking About. Another feature in the future will be a redirection to a local page that is based on user location.

Page Management with iPhone

Users of the Apple iPhone can install a Page Manager app to see page activity. Also available to admins is the ability to respond to comments and to see insights. To do this, you will first need to download the Main Facebook app to your iPhone or iPad. The Page Manager will then need to be installed. Users can then use their iPhone or iPad to post a status update and see available options. Notifications can also be sent to alert you when there is interaction with your page.

Brand Posts

The new Facebook Timeline includes a new feature on posts that is called percentage links. This is the percentage of fans that have viewed a particular post. You will have this option available for a brand page.

Branding with a Timeline Video

A new feature for the Timeline is a movie maker application. This is a great way to share a video that is about your business with friends and fans. The use of this feature depends on the number of photos that are available on your page.

Introducing Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

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