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Search Query reports in DoubleClick Search – DS3

DoubleClick Search V3, better known as DS3, will be capable of giving you a way to make statements regarding search queries. These statements will provide a deeper look into the precise terms that direct traffic to your websites and the money you’ve been making off of them.

As many web marketers know, because of the way search engine keyword matching works, ads are usually generated for more queries than the precise keywords you’ve paid for. Although this can be a good thing, much of the time, you may wish to look at the exact search terms that have brought up your ads as well as how they impact your earnings.

See Queries

In order to understand the return of investment (ROI) of the search queries, simply find the specific ad or campaign under the user interface and choose “search queries” from the tabs displayed above the graph summarizing your performance. This will show you the search terms and the visits and income associated with them.

Download the Reports

Click on the “download tab” above the reporting table if you’d like to produce a report of search query data. Inside of the download settings panel, you’ll be able to select “schedule report” in order to have this report downloaded on a regular basis.

Add Terms

If you notice a search term that you suspect may do better with a larger bid and you haven’t already bid on it, you can add them to your campaign. Just choose the terms in the list and select “add keywords”. You can also reduce your expenses and boost your return of investment by using negative keywords from the query list. If you want to do this, just choose a query and select the “add campaign” negatives or “add ad group” negatives buttons.

If you want to stay updated on the latest news, keep an eye on our blog for the final release of the search query reporting feature. This only marks the beginning of DS3’s advanced reporting and we plan on adding more information in order to help you find a greater understanding of your keywords in the future.

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