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Do It Yourself SEO

Do It Yourself SEO

Is ‘Do It Yourself SEO’ possible? Absolutely, with time and effort

Webpages are indexed and ranked by search engines, according to their content and use of keywords. These search engine spiders, as they are known, are constantly crawling the web to gather this information. Therefore, these are two areas that require a great deal of consideration for those choosing ‘Do It Yourself SEO’. The content of the site must be accurate and relevant. Keywords should appear in the title and, naturally, throughout the page. Avoid excessive keyword repitition, also known as ‘keyword stuffing’. Not only can search engines detect the ‘black hat’ tactic, but the page will not be reader friendly.

An entertaining and well written page, with proper keyword concentration, is ready for submission to the major search engines. Typically, major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, will automatically submit to their network of smaller search engines. The submission process is relatively easy, but can be time consuming.

The next step is to develop a marketing strategy. It can be extremely beneficial to exchange links with sites that offer similar, relative or related content. The end result enhances the ranking of both sites. Individual sites may be sought out for that purpose. In addition, link exchanges, social networking sites and blogs may also be used.

Ingenuity, creativity, and patience will yield measurable results for those who choose the ‘Do It Yourself SEO’ option. Check rankings regularly, make adjustments where neccesary and maintain a positive attitude.

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