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The Best Content Marketing Blogs

Content Marketing Blogs

The following 10 blogs will teach you all you need to know about sharing marketing content via social media.

Alltop Content Marketing is a blog that gathers news and information on a variety of online marketing companies.

Copyblogger is a blog that offers a variety of downloadable information regarding online marketing. They host forums, seminars, and ebooks.

Post Advertising is a blog that discusses the ways you can move beyond advertising by embracing new mediums, such as social media.

Content Marketing Institute publishes a real world magazine that includes articles on how to start marketing with fresh online content.

Conversation Agent is a blog hosted by Valeria Maltoni, a content marketing expert. She teaches readers how to create engaging online content.

MyGBlogGuest Blog features a guest blog tip as well as regular Twitter chat scripts with some of the biggest names in the online content marketing world today.

Web Ink Now is a blog hosted by Davic Meerman Scott. He posts regular updates on how to make the most out of your content by maximizing its worth.

Marketing Interactions focuses on B2B marketing, rather than B2C. Essentially, it teaches you how to start conversations with potential consumers.

Sparksheet is a “trend” based blog that teaches readers all about the most current content trends.

Idea Launch is a blog connected to a larger group of blogs, such as LifeTips and WriterAccess. They teach expand ideas into a fully formed advertising plan.

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