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Link Building Strategies

Things to Do When Link building

The purpose of link building campaign is to Increase traffic on a specific website, and it comes with more benefits while being a source of online PR to a given website – with an objective to push the website rankings up in search engines such Google and yahoo, by ‘communicating’ their indexing robots and providing proof and evidence that the website’s links cape ( all external links) — connecting to your website, and increasing the website relevance and popularity by acknowledging search engines robots, and a website’s links cape to be able to translate this popularity and relevance into more ‘opportunities’ for earning more visible chances in searching process in order to achieve higher rankings.

The only method to produce real effective and more long-lasting results is by building ethical link. The method of article submission and bulk directory is strongly adopted by SEO black hat practices; it may produce much better result in short period! but never a lasting effect, that because websites whose links cape contains irrelevant links (e.g. furniture selling website contains links from scientific site) and at once — fast growing in links overnight, such false SEO practices that are commonly attached to black hat ones.

Targeting to attach links actively to your website, which contains variety of websites that includes relevant posts in forums, article submission websites, and registering a variety of directories, is an ethical SEO process.

Ethical SEO is a basic usage of a strong combination of good directory, articles and specialist topic sites (such as travel, business, etc), as well as blogs and forum posts. According to blogs and forums usage; the most effective result often seen, is when SEO company don’t necessarily speak directly about you, or announce that it is working on your behalf, as it will look as advertising, specially for forums owners, even though it is highly effective according to SEO rankings, so SEO Company should do it the most natural, informative, and gossipy way by communicating with ongoing conversations and social discussions.

You should provide specialists in SEO field with good content – because as we know that high-quality links are contextual links. And Contextual relevancy to the search terms; is the result that drives websites to rank well in search engine. It is what search engines giants such as Google look at when evaluating websites, and to add good content to your link building campaign, SEO specialists may ask for fresh particular content – commonly in a form of press releases – that they would be able to build articles for submission.

There is a very important difference between articles and press release; they don’t target to be promotional. Websites must be relevant or contacted and offered to link to your website, in order to the building campaign to perform in an effective way. Anyway blatant marketing is not effective the way it should be; it is often vanish and quickly dismissed – which decrease chance of meeting and going with webmasters which are very much interested in publishing your content. It is the main reason why SEO specialists want to use your press release content; it is what websites actually prefer in their publishing process, which increases the chances of achieving high-quality links while fall all over to your publisher and users.

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