What is SEO?

By Jubran Moe

While spending time on the Internet you would have often stumbled upon the acronym SEO. If you are only a casual browser the term SEO may not mean that much to you, but, if you are an Internet Marketer, you not only have to pay attention, you also need to understand what it is all about.

SEO Basics

SEO shortly stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. From full name, you can get a hint as to what the acronym is referring to. Search engine optimization is a method used to boost/increase the rankings of your website in search engines result pages; if you are an e-commerce website owner, you obviously would want your website to get listed at the top of the SERPS in relevance with those chosen phrases associated with your website.

For example, if you are selling Guitar lessons online, what you’d want to see is your site coming up at the top of the pile when somebody is looking for “online guitar lessons” or “guitar lessons”. Websites won’t land at the top out of nowhere. In fact, search engines use a complex algorithm to rank the most suitable website for the search made. While each search engine uses slightly different elements to determine what website should be ranked, search engine optimization is fairly standard.

Why SEO?

If you are ever wondering why bother to search engine optimize your website, the best way to convince your self is to do a search on Google for key phrases associated with your business and find out the reasons for yourself. If the plethora of websites you’d find selling either what you are selling or something very similar still won’t convince you, you shouldn’t be doing e-commerce at all. SEO if correctly carried out would propel your website to the top. You need SEO to expose your website to its intended online audience.

Does the ranking of your website on search engines matter? If you want your website to be found when people are looking to buy what you are selling off your website, it absolutely does. Think about your own search habits. If you are looking for something particular, most likely, you wouldn’t go beyond the first page. It is very rarely would someone go to the next page may be because none of the first 10 websites had the information he/she was looking for.

Most people, rather than moving on to the next page would do a new search instead.  What this means is only the websites that gets ranked at the top for related searches will get the most number of visitors? More traffic means, as said before, is exposing your website to more potential customers. The more potential customers you have visiting your site the higher your revenue is likely to be. Basically, effective use of SEO would help you to have greater success with your website. It’s that simple.

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