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Link building: Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing strategy

is one of the best ways to promote & advertise your business or service or anything through the internet. It is a way to expose your service to internet users & gain visitors and so traffic back to your website. As link building is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your website’s ranking and get yourself in the top Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs) and while you increase backlinks that refer to your website; article marketing strategy plays a big role in that.

You start writing articles and publish them online in various websites such as your website. There are guidelines when you want to publish your articles as well writing an article has a structure you need to build to assure you include what the search engine will index & it promotes you as the same time – will provide you some cases & examples later on.

There are websites called: articles directories – we will discusses how it is related with link building – that you publish your articles through submitting them in those directories with following certain guidelines.

Article marketing content

has to be unique each time you write a new article. Writers use their imagination to create a new content, a new message and a new teasing content to readers that keeps them attracted to your articles & keep your site fresh and so keeps search engines index your site frequently in case publishing articles on your site. When you do publish on articles directories you need to assure that your articles are not duplicated with your site’s articles because search engines’ goal to have fresh, unique & updated content to bring to its users, in case content are duplicate or there are similarity more than 30%, engines will consider this as spamming and so might block or degrade your site’s ranking.

SEO Copywriters

usually who do article marketing for you as they are experienced & can create content that takes care of all SEO guidelines in writing articles & articles directories guidelines of submitting articles. Make sure you ask good SEO copywriters who will do you the job.

Article Marketing - SEO copywriters will do you the job

SEO – Understand The Importance of Unique Content

Why should I write a unique content

SEO often is not truly understood by business owners. No matter what type of business is being promoted, the goal is always the same. The website being promoted needs to be found by the right qualified buyers. The potential repeat customers and clients that can be found through a website are looking for specific SEO phrases. The importance of content is often realized when the language of the customer is reflected through the content. These language phrases connect customers who are routed through the search engine directly to SEO content.

For example, if a small business sells fashion accessories for teens and tweens they must understand their internet customers. The search engines can only bring in customers that are searching for specific keywords and long keyword phrases within unique website content.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

Unique content will help all blog posts or individual web pages favor with the search engines. The content will help list the website in the top of the natural search results. Internet searches can bring in thousands of free visitors a day. The importance of unique content is often realized after a website receives consistent traffic, and is seen as an authority website due to their information provided. Other websites and blogs will start to link directly to your website.

Forums may provide you with hundreds of back links  simply for having informative content that speaks the same language as customers. Use unique content to build a solid reputation and daily bring customers who want to purchase your products and services.


SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Of the many emerging techniques and disciplines that have developed in the decentralized, Web 2.0 era of business, Search Engine Marketing is one popular and increasingly competitive way of handling marketing and advertising on the Internet. While the term is in itself rather vague, it can be broken down into several distinct subsets. As the name implies, Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, utilizes rankings in search engine results to promote links to specific sites, in the hopes of affecting buying decisions.

Many use SEM to refer more exactly to what is known as PPC, or pay per click advertising. Unlike traditional print and visual media advertising, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay specifically for space or airtime, but is ranked in high profile positions within search engine results based on how much they are willing to pay for Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing listings if a prospective buyer should click on their link and follow it to their site. The general idea is rather simple, but implementing a successful SEM campaign is far more complex than it would first appear.

For starters, there is the typical advertising and marketing considerations to weigh when embarking on a Search Engine Marketing effort. Wording is important when configuring the appropriate pitch. What works with certain keyword phrases may not work with others. Careful research must be done to match the correct pitch to the demographic most likely to use that set of search phrases. Just because you can get a lot of clicks doesn’t mean it will translate into sales. You need to target buyers, not casual “window shoppers” or random surfers.

The next area that must be dealt with delicately is the economics of the campaign itself. Comparing the costs of the campaign versus the additional revenue brought in is key. Obviously, normal economics applies here. If the campaign is a money loser out of the gate, its bad. If you’re paying $10.00 per click, which is not an unreasonable price for highly sought after keyword phrases, and each click on average brings in $8.00 all told, some reconfiguring needs to be done. The idea is to hit the right niche search term with a high enough search volume but low enough competition from other advertisers to be profitable.

SEM is a complex and involved area of business that is becoming all the more crucial to the online portion of any enterprise. It’s not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of hard work and concentration, as well as constant maintenance to be effective. For larger businesses it often makes sense to outsource this to companies or firms that specialize in optimizing SEM programs for the maximum gain. In many cases, hiring a well respected outside contractor to handle this task is a wise move. In any event, as more advertising and marketing moves online, this will become increasingly important with each passing year.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEO For Google

SEO for Google Internet Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is geared around Google’s specifics as many internet marketers plan SEO for Google. Keywords are the starting point for research in terms of site building. Depending upon the niche, longtail keywords may need to be used in order to drive traffic to a site.

Recent reports comment on the argument over whether conversions or page rank are key in SEO for Google to gain the top listing. Page rank is generally regarded to be the most useable provision in building for Google listings since it provides the overall site performance rating. Conversions, however, do lend to the web site’s ability to convert the readers to buyers while visiting the site.

Internet marketers who plan their campaign around SEO for Google should aim to mix both when planning the web site. Gaining the top of Google’s listings are among the main goal in advertising the site while converting customers should happen once the site has been visited.

Through realizing the top position in Google, the site would then be able to convert to start producing sales, enabling an all around success. Applying SEO for Google should include keyword research, building links, article content, and search engine submission among other methods.

SEO For Google

SEO For Google

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