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Introduction to Facebook

Facebook offers you an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your fans and consumers—on their turf and in ways they find meaningful. By maintaining a Facebook Page and using all the available features, you can interact with consumers the same way they interact with friends and colleagues. Your biggest fans have probably already told a couple friends about your business in casual conversation, but Facebook’s technology makes it easy for them to spread the word instantaneously to all of their friends—on average, over 100 people.

Keys to Using Facebook

1) Make business personal

People primarily use Facebook to share personal information with friends. The more you showcase the human element of your business, your products, and your people, the stronger of an effect it will have on everyone who views it.

2) Update your Facebook Page frequently

Facebook is geared to highlight new information and recent changes. The more often you add new content, the more often people will come back to your Facebook Page. You can also send Updates to your fans to announce in-store events, special promotions, new products, concerts, screenings, or other news.

3) Harness the power of News Feed

The News Feed on users’ home pages tells them what their friends are doing. When users become your fan, News Feed tells their friends and invites them to become fans as well. In turn, this can lead to the friends of their friends finding out about your business through their News Feeds, and so on in a virtuous cycle. News Feed is the key to spreading your message virally on Facebook.

4) Choose the applications that are best for your

Business Facebook and its outside developers have built thousands of free applications for businesses, bands, and every other type of organization. Your Page comes with the basics pre-installed, but you can easily add whichever other applications are right for your business. For instance, a restaurant may choose to add an application for online ordering or reservations, while a film may add a cinema locator so the user can find the nearest screening without ever leaving Facebook. You can even build your own applications. The more useful your applications are to your customers, the faster your fan base will grow.

5) Promote your Page through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to reach exactly the audience you want and bring them to your Page. You can choose your audience based on age, gender, geography, educational status, relationship status, and precise interests or keywords. Your ads can be socialized so that users’ interactions are reflected in the ads their friends see, increasingly the virality of your Page. You can run ads both in traditional “banner” locations and in the News Feed. As with your Page itself, the key to success with Facebook Ads is to experiment and iterate on your work. Facebook experts are all around you: in your family, on your staff, amongst your customers, at your competitors. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice and to follow their lead when you see a successful strategy at work.  “Is Facebook becoming the social operating system of the Internet, poised to support a whole new generation of businesses?…Wharton’s Fader sees Facebook commanding a mass market in a way traditional forms of media no longer do. ‘Even TV does not have the same level of engagement. Right now, Facebook is unique.’” – Forbes


Facebook Pages, which launched in November 2007, allow local businesses, sports teams, artists, films, brands, public figures, non-profits and other business organizations to have a presence on Facebook. Users can add themselves to your Facebook Page as fans, write on your Wall, purchase products, learn about special promotions, upload photos, and join other users in discussion groups. You can send Updates to all your fans whenever you like. And you can add applications to your Page and engage Facebook users with videos, notes, links, Flash content, and more.

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