New SEO Virus Symptoms May Be Difficult To Treat

SEO Virus

New SEO Virus

Website owners, particularly those who are new to the world of website ownership may be susceptible to a debilitating and contagious disease. Known by its common name, SEOitis, this virus once encountered, can result in enhanced immunity, but those exhibiting extreme neediness and gullibility may be subject to repeat occurences. If diagnosed in the early stages, the virus can be effectively treated but may result in permanent financial and emotional damage if allowed to advance.

Risk factors for this rapidly spreading infection include a belief in “get rich quick” web schemes and a trusting nature coupled with lack of internet savvy. Sufferers may also exhibit Google paranoia manifesting itself in a belief that the popular search engine can actually control the business success of individuals.

Pathogens known as SEOguri are the cause of SEOitis as they rapidly multiply in unchecked online trash heaps like Twitter and websites promising wealth enhancement on the web. While these germs may only be categorized as a nuisance to more experienced website owners, newbies can become increasingly affected as they wait for the fees they’ve paid for their online presence to multiply into mega riches.

Symptomatic behaviors include incoherent forum postings, unchecked purchases of multiple domain names and confusing content which may change on a daily or even hourly basis. As the disease progresses victims may suffer sleep loss resulting in deep neuroses, such as obssession over link creation and meta tags. Posting of repetitive content and listening to and believing in webinars, in addition to accelerated consumption of eBooks usually signals that SEOitis has set in. Financial failure and decline of online reputation is the final phase of the disease process.

Psychological counseling and website realignment may be required to bring the unfortunate victims of SEOitis back to reality. Panic attacks and withdrawl symptoms may be alleviated by website reconstruction and relinquishment of infected website marketing procedures.

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  1. HA HA Jubran – Good one!! – I heard they can get all over their body and invisable links – usually around the foot! :-) )

  2. Admin says:

    :) true man… they can do much more than that…

  3. Phill Ohren says:

    Oh the joy’s of SEO. I see what you mean though, makes me feel sorry for the no0bs of this dark-arts trade.

    First time I’ve read your blog Jubran, i’ll make sure I return.

    Phill ohrem

  4. Admin says:

    thanks Phill hope you enjoy the articles and share your knowledge :)

  5. Mike Glover says:

    LMAO….great way to finish my day ! Thanks for that one Jubran !

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